This blog presents my landscape & street photography and selected live jazz images.  As the physical print holds much more power for me than an image on a screen, this site also discusses issues related to printing monochrome images.

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If you hurry by too fast, you miss the important clue!

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Conversation on the Edge

Sculpture on the Edge

Bermagui, NSW

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Evangelical Pentecost Rally in front of l'Église du Dôme --- 7th Arrondissement, Paris, France

Some forms of activism are public and readily seen and heard. Prayer, on the other hand, is often a private way of seeking change. This gentleman, seen praying in an open-air mass in Place Vauban, Paris 7ème, bridges the gap and brings the private into a public space.

This image is my contribution to a group exhibition PhotoACTIVISM at PhotoAccess, 24 Sep – 18 Oct 2015.  The print in the exhibition is a Piezography Special Edition pigment print on Canson Rag Photographique paper, in a numbered open edition. And here is the image hanging on the wall in PhotoAccess:

As hung in the exhibition

As hung in the exhibition


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Piezography Intro

I’ve been printing my images using an inkjet printer for nearly as long as I have had a digital camera.  Fairly early on in the inkjet era I discovered QuadToneRIP, or QTR, as a better way of printing monochrome images using an Epson inkjet.  Since around 2007 I’ve been using QTR in conjunction with Jon Cone’s Piezography system to print monochrome.  Piezography uses six (K6) or seven (K7) shades of black / grey and no colour inks.  The Piezography and Printing section of the blog contains the following series of nine articles on using QTR and K6/K7/P2:


Printing Monochrome – Where Does Piezography Fit In?

Is Piezography Worth The Trouble?

Getting Started

Starting Out – Printer And Inkset Selection

Choosing Between Six Piezography Shades And Seven

Other Equipment – Measurement And Viewing

Workflow Issues

Microbanding and Gloss Printing Issues With QTR

Resizing and Resampling for Printing

Advanced issues

The Piezography Heretic: To Convert Or Not To Convert?

Re-linearising A Piezography Curve


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Narek Mushrooms

Narek MushroomsHidden near the Narek Gallery, at Tanja NSW

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Zeck’s Lake

Zeck's LakeA small backwater to the Bega River near its mouth, just north of Tathra.

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Nelson Beach Rocks

Nelson Beach RocksNelson Beach Rocks, Wajurda Point, Mimosa Rocks National Park, NSW

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Mimosa Rocks

Mimosa RocksLate in the day at Mimosa Rocks, Aragunnu, Mimosa Rocks National Park, NSW

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