Welcome. I shoot landscape, street photography and live jazz images, and this site contains my portfolios and documents my exhibitions. I work mostly in black and white and prefer prints to on-screen images, and so this blog also contains details about my approach to monochrome inkjet printing.

Happy Birthday: 8 September 2017 marked the 20th anniversary of CyberHalides dot com bursting on to an unsuspecting Internet.

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The following images were entered in a Members’ Exhibition at PhotoAccess entitled ‘Muse‘, 28 Sep — 8 Oct 2017.  The remit invited “members to reflect on the people in their lives who have been an inspiration to them in some way. One’s muse may be a cherished face – friend, family member or lover – or perhaps someone who is an influence from afar. It is with this in mind that we invite new and existing members to creatively address the theme, Muse, through photography and photo-based art.”

Tate and Larry


Linda Oh






A Golden Age

PhotoAccess Members

extempore 5

The 2 Brians

Selected Jazz