This website & blog presents my landscape, street photography and selected live jazz images from the last 35 years, but with a greater emphasis on the period since 2003.  

While the digital age has placed much more emphasis on the digital image than the physical print, the print still holds much more power for me than the screen.  So this site also discusses issues related to printing monochrome images.

A slideshow of a few favourite images is below, followed by recent posts to this site.



Zeck’s Lake

Zeck's LakeA small backwater to the Bega River near its mouth, just north of Tathra.

Nelson Beach Rocks

Nelson Beach RocksNelson Beach Rocks, Wajurda Point, Mimosa Rocks National Park, NSW

Mimosa Rocks

Mimosa RocksLate in the day at Mimosa Rocks, Aragunnu, Mimosa Rocks National Park, NSW

Piezography Intro

I’ve been printing my images using an inkjet printer for nearly as long as I have had a digital camera.  While I am a little nostalgic about the wet darkroom, I have no desire to return.  I much prefer the digital process.  Fairly early on in the inkjet era I discovered QuadToneRIP, or QTR, as a better way of printing monochrome images using an Epson inkjet.  Since around 2007 I have been using Jon Cone’s Piezography system to print monochrome.  Rather than just two shades of black, as the early Epson pigment printers had, or three in the more recent ones, Piezography (or K7) uses seven shades of black / grey and no colour inks. 

I will be posting on my digital printing experiences in the Piezography and Printing section of the site.