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These images have been exhibited in members’ exhibitions at PhotoAccess:

Painted Canyon

A view of the view of a painter on the edge.

This image was entered in a Members’ Exhibition at PhotoAccess entitled ‘The View from Here‘, 1 March – 25 March 2018.  The remit invited members “to look through their viewfinder to creatively explore unique perspectives of the places and spaces they encounter”.


The following images were entered in a Members’ Exhibition at PhotoAccess entitled ‘Muse‘, 28 Sep — 8 Oct 2017.  The remit invited “members to reflect on the people in their lives who have been an inspiration to them in some way. One’s muse may be a cherished face – friend, family member or lover – or perhaps someone who is an influence from afar. It is with this in mind that we invite new and existing members to creatively address the theme, Muse, through photography and photo-based art.”

Tate and Larry


Linda Oh

Tuscan Evening


The public spaces in a Tuscan town – piazzas, footpaths, church steps – are where the residents mingle and socialise at the end of a warm day.  After the heat passes, these previously empty places suddenly fill with people and come alive.  An hour or so later and they’re quiet again as people return home or move to restaurants and bars.  This work explores the similarities and differences in the way that people of different ages perform this daily ritual.

This image was exhibited in the PhotoAccess members’ exhibition Common Ground, for which the remit was: “Creatively document and interpret public space through photography. The physical and social dynamics of public space play a central role in the formation of community and culture.”



If you hurry by too fast, you miss the important clue!

This image was entered in a Members’ Exhibition at PhotoAccess entitled ‘Bulb | Photographs of Movement‘, 21 July — 7 August 2016.

Shuttle Commander

This image was entered in a Members’ Exhibition at PhotoAccess entitled ‘In Sequence‘, 28 January — 21 February 2016.  The remit said: “For many artists, photography is not only about single images, but relationships between multiple images. A sequence of images can tell a particular story or narrative, create a sense of visual poetry, or suggest movement and time passing. In Sequence showcases works by PhotoAccess members creatively addressing the photographic sequence.”

Evangelical Pentecost Rally in front of l'Église du Dôme --- 7th Arrondissement, Paris, France

Some forms of activism are public and readily seen and heard. Prayer, on the other hand, is often a private way of seeking change. This gentleman, seen praying in an open-air mass in Place Vauban, Paris 7ème, bridges the gap and brings the private into a public space.

This image is my contribution to a group exhibition PhotoACTIVISM at PhotoAccess, 24 Sep – 18 Oct 2015.  The print in the exhibition is a Piezography Special Edition pigment print on Canson Rag Photographique paper, in a numbered open edition. And here is the image hanging on the wall in PhotoAccess:

As hung in the exhibition

As hung in the exhibition


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