Fairly early on in the digital photography & inkjet era I discovered QuadToneRIP, or QTR, as a better way of printing monochrome images using an Epson inkjet.  Since around 2007 I’ve been using QTR in conjunction with Jon Cone’s Piezography system to print monochrome.  Piezography uses six (K6) or seven (K7) shades of black / grey and no colour inks.  The Piezography and Printing section of the blog contains the following series of ten articles on using QTR and K6/K7/P2:


Printing Monochrome – Where Does Piezography Fit In?

Is Piezography Worth The Trouble?

Getting Started

Starting Out – Printer And Inkset Selection

Choosing Between Six Piezography Shades And Seven

Other Equipment – Measurement And Viewing

Workflow Issues

Microbanding and Gloss Printing Issues With QTR

Resizing and Resampling for Printing

Advanced issues

The Piezography Heretic: To Convert Or Not To Convert?

Re-linearising A Piezography Curve

Relinearising Piezography Curves with a ColorMunki